I’m Just Saying

Connie in the yard

It is obvious from our enjoyment of social media that we all like to talk to each other about our families. Many of us have furbabies that make up a large part of our family, and we love to talk to each other about them. I receive dozens of emails and messages each week from people that want to share their experiences with their dogs. I love reading all the different descriptions and tales of their babies’ adventures and misadventures.

But I have also been in the company of some people who roll their eyes a bit when I begin to talk about my vast family of fur babies. They give me the “It’s only a dog look.” I’m sure you have all experienced that look. Whether we are talking about their funny traits, their illnesses, their devotion, or the incredible loss when they cross the bridge, some people just do not understand. So we gather together on social media, and we all talk about our little ones with a passion that is well understood by our peers.

I spend many hours each week talking about my babies online. Most of my conversations center around adoptions, new babies, vet treatments, transports, and the joy of watching a new baby learn to love and live again. Often I feel as if I miss out on the joy of talking about the little things that make us love our babies. There is, after all, only so much time in a day.

At the end of each day here at the sanctuary Rick and I spend at least an hour just sitting with the babies and talking about who ate well and who didn’t, who seems to be feeling better, who doesn’t feel well, and who needs to go to the vet next. That conversation can be quite complicated with the large number of babies we care for. But at the end of those conversations the subject turns to the lighter side of our lives, and we laugh and talk about our babies’ little quirks.

Those individual traits, along with the similarities we all see, are what roll around in my head at night when I lay down to rest. I often wonder how could I ever completely educate someone about our babies. How could I make another person understand the needs and particular desires of each of these special little souls? Of course, the answer is that I could never truly educate another person about our babies. You have to live with them each day, love them each day, feed them each day, and revel in their joys each day to know them well.

So today I have done the next best thing; the thing that we all love to do. Today, I’m talking about our family and how incredibly wonderful they all are.

I wish you could all stand at my bathroom door and watch Lady Bug bark at herself in our full length mirror. I wish you could watch Rowdy lay down on a pile of paper towels after he has shredded them and gotten caught. I wish you could all watch Higgins chase the shadows of birds across our lawn and throw his head back and howl when the shadow crosses the fence. I wish you could all feel the joy when Waco manages to get his arthritic back legs out the doggie door. I wish you could all watch our barn dogs waiting for their turn to jump in the water trough just after it has been filled with fresh cool water. I wish you could all watch the pride in Ace’s face when he chases Mr. Gibbs all the way to the bathroom door where Mr. Gibbs eats his eggs at night. I wish you could all see Lexi stand so very patiently at night for me to find her an empty bed and cover her up with a fresh blanket. I wish you could all watch Ziggy scratch at the bottom of the crate when he is waiting on his lunch. I wish you could all watch Trooper stand between my ankles when I cook or clean in my kitchen. I wish you could all watch Pumpkin claim the big bed directly in front of the wood stove in the Doggie Room on a cold night. I wish you could see all the grass on Baby Jade’s back after she has rolled in the warm sunshine. I wish you could watch Christy stand on the edge of my bed and bark and fuss at Gena who is laying on the floor with half of her big body tucked up under the bed. I wish you could watch Delilah fly off the bed, only touching one of the stairs there for her benefit, when she hears Rick come thru the front door. I wish you could see Little Bit standing at the end of Rick’s bed, waiting patiently for him to fix her a special spot, while the dozen or so other dogs on the bed claim their place. I wish you could watch Jake walk so very slowly down the hall when he knows I’m trying to get around him. I wish you could hear Zoe barking at me like I’m a total stranger two minutes after I return to the kitchen. I wish you could see Beth stand on top of a cart filled with 300 pounds of horse feed as Rick pushes it to the check out at the feed store. I wish you could watch Gilbert growl while he leans into Rick to get more lovin. I wish you could hear the sweet sound of slumber when a dozen dogs are curled up on Rick’s bed in the evening after their turn for belly rubs. I wish you could see how high Winston can jump when Rick throws a little snack of kibble to the Kitchen pack. I wish you could see Dexter get the zoomies right before I feed him his dinner. I wish you could watch Maddie maneuver a balled up blanket into a perfectly placed cover over her entire body. I wish you could walk thru the sanctuary with me at 1am when I make my final walk thru to cover up the babies.  I’m just saying….


Author: thepromisedlanddachshundsanctuary

I rescue senior and special needs Dachshunds

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