Giant Leaps for Canine Care

docjessOver the last few days we have all spent lots of time with family and friends, talking about the things that we are thankful for. Rick and I are thankful for the many blessings we have received from above. We are, of course, thankful for each other and our combined devotion to the mission here at the sanctuary. Our families and our health are also very high on that list, along with the many people that continue to help us keep our dream alive. We are forever in debt to Doc Jess for her devotion to our babies. And certainly not least of all the things we give thanks for are our babies, our entertaining companions, our dogs.

So I was thinking about what our dogs have to be thankful for. They show their thanks to us each day with lots of kisses, tail wags, and playful activities. Although they don’t realize it, I believe if they could tell us what is in their minds they would be thankful for Doc Jess, as well as everyone that helps pay the bills to keep them safe.

That brought me to what Doc Jess must be thankful for concerning her passion to save animals of all species. I have done a little research into the advancements she now has access to that help her do more for all the critters she cares for.

I personally have witnessed, and have heard Doc Jess talk about the huge progress in pain management for animals. At one time several decades ago it was believed by many that pain management was unproductive for dogs. It was thought that if they didn’t feel pain they would move around too soon, and that would hinder their recovery rather than enhance it. We now know that dogs feel pain just like humans, and relief from that pain is very important to their care. The many medicines (Ketoprofen and Tramadol) that are now available in that arena are first on my list of advancements in veterinary care.

MRI technology was developed to benefit the medical care of humans but has proven extremely beneficial in the diagnosis and care of dogs with neurological, cardiac, orthopedic, and soft tissue issues. One obvious drawback to the use of MRIs in veterinarian practice is the fact that the patient must remain very still during the procedure thus requiring anesthesia. An additional problem is the tremendous expense incurred for an MRI. Ultrasounds, while not as powerful, are helping to fill the gap when MRI technology is unavailable or unaffordable. The potential for ultrasounds to become universally adopted by vets is a very exciting move forward in the care of our dogs.

Another exciting adaptation from human health science to animal care is the use of Laparoscopic procedures. This process involves a camera and light to be inserted in the thoracic cavity to allow the veterinarian to see inside the animal’s body. This is obviously less invasive than exploratory surgeries, and provides more specific information for the diagnosis and treatment than is possible with x-rays.

Stem cell therapy, cancer vaccines (for melanoma), laser therapy, pet supplements, probiotics, Palladia (new drug for treatment of mass cell tumors), water therapy, herbal therapy, arthritis medicines, rattlesnake vaccine, prosthetics, joint replacements, acupuncture, and even aroma therapy provide many new exciting avenues of advanced care for our babies.

The benefits of all of these evolutionary improvements flow through our trusted veterinarians to our animals, and to all of us who love our pets like family. Therefore, the lists of things we all have to be thankful for is longer than I realized a few days ago!

Author: thepromisedlanddachshundsanctuary

I rescue senior and special needs Dachshunds

5 thoughts on “Giant Leaps for Canine Care”

  1. Being in the health care profession myself, I see animals just as humans, loving and devoted to those who care for and love them back. The medical breakthroughs available help ensure that there are options available to help sustain a pets life and quality for years beyond what was previously seen. These costs, just as in human health care do not come without heavy expenses and for this reason, just as in human health care – there are many pets and animals that do not receive the same quality care that they all deserve. Thank you to the Promised Land Sanctuary and Doc Jess for looking out for some of these little angels; as a dachshund owner myself (Charlie-7 y.o. female), my life has been so much more blessed because of her presence but my heart tears for those animals and pets who do not have the privilege of feeling loved and cared for – Please everyone keep donating to this amazing sanctuary! Buy friends and family books for gifts, donate directly and share the works of this family. – Stacia, Wyoming

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, unfortunately many animals don’t receive the minimum of care much less the advancements that are now available. All we can do as a community of animal lovers is advocate for the ones left behind and continue to rescue one till there are none that need our love.

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  2. Connie, Rick, and Doc Jess, thank you for enlightening us as to the ways our animals can be taken care of today. Not only does this help me with my kitty, but all the families I know who have pets. God bless you.


  3. I am very grateful for rescues such as yours, and caring people who devote their lives to making the world a better place for animals.


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