2 thoughts on “opal-ann-and-xera-litter”

  1. I just received the name of Your Rescue Home. I am so Proud to know this.I admire what You are doing.We have a Dachshund that was my sisters which passed away 5 years ago.I took the Pup as I had told Her I would.We have had 2 others a few years back and I do love these little dumplings.It is a world all its on to have one .They are very loyal,loveable and stubborn.And as we all know, They have back and teeth issues.We also forund that they can have stomach issues,but they are wonderful Babies to havOur Little Man has diabetes and receives 9 units of Insulin a day and is blind,God Love Him he also stepped of the porch and screwed up His back which affected His hip,But in all His Problems I would not trade His love and loyalty for anything.He is our Baby.Oh yeah,We also have 2 other crossbred.We love them all.They all came from Noah’s Ark except or Little Man..


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