The Summer Storm


The weather all across the south this spring has been quite volatile. Heavy rains pounded the southern and eastern part of the country, and tornados are bouncing around regularly. The devastation is vast and the first responders are working overtime to help everyone adversely affected by these storms.

Another kind of storm devastates the rescue world this time of year. Unwanted dogs flood in to every rescue across the country in overwhelming numbers. Young, old, healthy, and ill dogs, all in desperate need of the safety of a permanent home, seem to come out of the woodwork during the summer.

People moving or taking vacations may be the source of a majority of the unwanted dogs during the hot months of the year. The care and needs of pets can often move low on the priority list when families are overcome with life changing moves or busy planning fun-filled vacations. Bad weather and thunderstorms also displace many dogs that bolt their homes with fear when the lightening crashes and the thunder booms.

The first responders for these furry babies are also working overtime to help stem the tide of thousands of dogs in our shelters during the summer. I talked with several rescue groups lately that are already turning away dogs in need. Their foster homes are full and adoptions are down. The shelters are overflowing and summer has just begun!

I would like to encourage anyone thinking of adopting or fostering to consider doing so now. Your help can make a world of difference in the efforts of rescuers and mean life or death to dogs depending on us to keep them safe. Makes me think of the old saying about helping one dog doesn’t change the world, but it certainly changes the world for that one dog.

Please get involved! If you can’t adopt then maybe you can foster. If you can’t foster, then maybe you can transport. If you can’t transport then maybe you can donate time or money to local rescuers, humane societies, or shelters. Together we can withstand the storm!


Author: thepromisedlanddachshundsanctuary

I rescue senior and special needs Dachshunds

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