RIP My Sweet Andre’

The FIRSTS in our lives always leave a lasting impression. Andre’ was our first official rescue for The Promised Land Dachshund Sanctuary. He came to us from a local kill shelter in July of 2001. They picked him up off the streets. The large picture here is how he looked that first day. Sad eyes, dull coat, skinny and scared.

But Andre’ soon flourished into a handsome, friendly, funny leader. He was gorgeous. His coat turned to a rich glossy red, and his face and body filled out with muscle and attitude. He loved to be silly and Rick adored that about him. You can see them in action in that second photo with Andre’s collar around his ears. He knew he made us laugh and it gave him great joy.

As our population at the sanctuary grew, Andre’ recruited several friends to join his “Rat Pack”. He instigated the fun as you can see in the middle picture and everyone followed his lead. They wrestled and played for hours each day, and never grew tired of the friendship they forged.

Andre’ outlived his “Rat Pack” to watch over 250 dogs come through our doors. His wisdom and his leadership touched each of these precious souls, and no one doubted his spot as the Alpha Male.

As the years passed Andre’ enjoyed excellent health. He suffered some back issues in his sixth year but crate rest helped him heal and soon he was leading the charge in the yard once again.

The years turned his coat to gray, and his step lost its bounce, but Andre’ retained the seniority that he earned at the sanctuary during his fifteen years here with us.

This last week Andre’ took a turn for the worse and it became apparent that his time with us grew short. Doc Jess (our wonderful Vet) said his kidneys were failing him and we began to try to convince our hearts that we would soon have to say our goodbyes to our sweet little man.

Last night at 2:30, Andre’ crossed the rainbow bridge and took a huge piece of our heart and our history with him. We shall always remember him as not only our first, but our Alpha. He taught us the joy of watching our little ones flourish and regain their self-esteem and their joy. We will always love you Andre’! And we will never forget!

RIP our precious little heart! Your “Rat Pack” awaits you at the bridge.



Author: thepromisedlanddachshundsanctuary

I rescue senior and special needs Dachshunds

21 thoughts on “RIP My Sweet Andre’”

  1. As I read this very touching tribute to Andre, I am reminded of my special angel dog, Archie. We rescued him from a life of living in a small kennel in a pet store. We were told he had a serious heart murmur and wasn’t expected to live a month. I quickly signed a waiver, took him home and loved him up. The month turned into 4 years. He was my friend, my confidante, my heart. We say we rescued him, but, I really think he rescued us. I’d like to think your Andre is now with my Archie playing together and trading stories.


  2. My heart breaks for you. I know how it feels to lose a doxie fur baby. It’s been nine months since I lost my baby girl Delilah, and I still ache for her warm little body next to mine. I pray you find comfort and peace at this time, and God bless you for the beautiful work you do for these amazing little pups.


  3. What a wonderful, unforgettable life Andre’ had with you two. Wishing you comfort now and in the future from your many memories of him.


  4. I am so sorry for your loss. You can hear in your stories of him how much he was loved. I pray that you find peace and that your heart heals swiftly. Someday, I hope that all of us can be reunited with our babies across the rainbow bridge. ❤️


  5. it is always heartbreaking when we loose one of our loved fur babys,but i know they will aways live in our hearts.RIP sweet Andre i know you will be dearly missed


  6. wow 15 years of bliss!RIP Andre our Hearts break a little each time we loose a loved fur baby!but i know they will always be with you in that special place! so sorry for your loss. you are amazing in what you do!


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