For the Love of Water

Xera loved water! This little white bombshell came to us as a six month old puppy. She had not been socialized at all, and it took us awhile to gain her trust. Xera was blind and deaf. Rick and I had no experience with her disabilities before she came to our sanctuary. But she soon taught us what we needed to know to help her enjoy her life. And we managed to teach her a few important things about her new environment.

She discovered her love of water when our daughter gave her a first bath. That day was the first time we saw her play. Then the water party began. Xera loved jugs even after she managed to empty them, and often carried them around for hours. She also discovered how cool the water hose could be. She sprayed quite a few unsuspecting pack members before they learned to stay clear of her if the water hose was turned on. Her sister Opal Ann, who came to us a full year after Xera, was occasionally the recipient of an unwanted shower.

This beautiful girl lived to be 11 years old. Her success at the sanctuary helped us place quite a few blind dogs in forever homes.

Author: thepromisedlanddachshundsanctuary

I rescue senior and special needs Dachshunds

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