Andre’ is Getting Old

Andre’ alpha male was our first official rescue for The Promised Land Dachshund Sanctuary. We pulled him from the Odessa shelter in July of 2001, and he will soon be 17 years old. I thought it might be fun to show the pic we took of him on his first day compared to the most recent pic.andre first dayimg_0164

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I rescue senior and special needs Dachshunds

6 thoughts on “Andre’ is Getting Old”

  1. Andre looks just like my Snickers whom I lost in Dec 2015 – he was 16 1/2 years old. OH how I miss him!!!


    1. It’s very difficult when we lose our dogs, and the seniors are especially hard if we have had them for most of their lives. I’m so sorry to hear of your little Snickers. I hope you’ll consider getting another one to help fill that hole. Nothing replaces our little ones but often a new love can help us deal with our loss.


    1. Patty when we first started rescuing senior and special needs Dachshunds in 2001 no one wanted a senior and would never even consider a special needs dog. We took in the un-adoptable dogs from our rescue friends and trading them the young adoptable dogs that we rescued. It worked out great for everyone. We kept Andre’ as a young dog because he was the first official rescue of the sanctuary. We have also had younger dogs come into our sanctuary that were emotionally unfit to be adopted. They were fear aggressive or so abused that no one could even touch them. Over the 15 years since we opened the sanctuary in 2001 we have adopted out over 150 dogs. I tell my stories about the babies that live at the sanctuary permanently because that is what makes us unique in the rescue world. All the rescuers that concentrate on the young adoptable dogs are overflowing. Some of those dogs will not find permanent homes and will end up living with foster families their entire lives. There are simply more dogs than there are people willing to give them a good home. After months of rehabbing a senior or special needs dogs they are attached to us and to our pack. I would not consider uprooting them once again in their lives after they have suffered so much loss already. I hope this helps you understand our goals at the sanctuary a little bit better.


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